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Celebrate Calm

Have a strong-willed child who doesn't respond to consequences, argues like an attorney, and refuses to do things your way? Good! You're in the right place. Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin has given over 600,000 parents and teachers around the world practical, life-changing strategies to stop power struggles, yelling, and defiance NOW.

Based on work with 1,500 challenging kids (many with AD/HD, OCD, ODD, Aspergers, etc.) in his home, and years spent in classrooms, Kirk's approach is refreshingly practical, honest, and laugh-out-loud funny! Questions? Visit us at www.CelebrateCalm.com or email us directly at Emily@CelebrateCalm.com.

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    Parenting is Hard. 2 Ways to Keep Your Sanity in 2019.

    You had children. Why? What were your expectations? I bet life has turned out very different than you have envisioned it. That can either cause you to resent your strong-willed child or break generational patterns so your kids don’t struggle with the same issues. So let’s reframe what we really want so we can have curious, confident kids.

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    Stop Power Struggles With Strong-Willed Kids

    Stop Power Struggles With Strong-Willed Kids Do you need your children to behave, precisely because you cannot control yourself if they don’t? If your child is in a bad mood, does this change your mood? In this short podcast, Kirk shows you how to control yourself instead of controlling your child.

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    Q:A: Hubby On Board? Rude or Anxious Kids.

    “My son has had an attitude lately. How can we change that?” Kirk gives you an entirely different way to frame this. “How can I get my hubby on board?” Kirk gives you four different scripts and one blunt approach. “How can we get our daughter to try new things?” Listen in as Kirk shares more great insight and strategies to break generational patterns.

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    Concerned About Social Skills?

    Kirk explains why your kids get along better with adults, younger kids, and/or animals…but struggle with peers. Should you be concerned? Should your child see a counselor for this? His answer may surprise you. Not for the faint of heart so be ready to change yourself instead of your child!

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    Stop Trying to Fix Your Kids—Train Their Brains

    Stop Trying to Fix Your Kids—Train Their Brains Have kids who forget to turn in homework, feel "dumb," get overwhelmed, blurt out, or struggle in school? Society will crush your child’s spirit and destroy their confidence. So you must teach your kids that their brains are different (even advantageous) and that there is nothing wrong with them. Kirk gives several specific examples that will help your kids be successful. Share this with your PTA, teachers and school counselors.

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    De-Escalate & Discipline A Defiant Child: My Best Podcast Ever

    De-Escalate & Discipline A Defiant Child: My Best Podcast Ever This 30-minute podcast will change how you handle meltdowns, yelling, and discipline in your home. Ever feel helpless when your kids are out of control or defiant? So do your kids. So learn how to break these negative cycles, lead your child to calm, and show him/her how to deal with frustration. This is rich with insight into your kids…and you. Share this one. It will change relationships.

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    Q&A Lightning Round: Fairness, Getting Kids to Be Responsible & Calming Upset Students

    Q&A: Fairness, Getting Kids to Be Responsible & Calming Upset Students Kirk answers 6 tough questions from parents and teachers in this lightning round format. As always, his strategies are practical, creative, and they work!

    · How do we get kids to be more responsible for themselves (Kirk shares a great phrase every parent and teacher needs to master)?

    · How can we get a student to collaborate/work well with others in class? Should we mark down if that child doesn’t participate?

    · How do we calm an upset child instead of embarrassing the child and escalating the situation?

    · How do you discipline and redirect a student without causing him to shut down?

    · What about kids who get physical and have sensory issues?

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    Watch Your Tone! Calming Intense Kids.

    Watch Your Tone! Calming Intense Kids. Your child gets upset, lashes out, picks on her brother, and the family walks on eggshells around her. Then she beats herself up. Yelling won't work. But talking to her with a sweet, affirming tone will actually make it worse as well. So how can you use intensity and a different tone of voice to change these situations? While you can't control your child's behavior, you can always control your tone of voice. And it's more critical than you know.

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    When Kids Push Buttons & Yell at Mom

    Your kids are expert button-pushers. So how do you respond instead of react? A child yells at his mom, dad yells at the child, and then mom has to clean up the mess. Hubby feels criticized and checks out. Resentments build. Tonight when a tense situation or power struggle occurs, how can you turn this into an OPPORTUNITY to completely change your family?

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    Consequences for Lying & Bad Behavior: A Radically Different Approach

    Consequences for Lying & Bad Behavior: A Radically Different Approach Your child lies, misbehaves, and does things that erode trust. Consequences won’t work. But THIS radically different approach will actually change your child’s behavior faster than anything else you’ve tried. Brave enough to listen and try it?

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